Can dogs eat popcorn?

Popcorn is a wonderful snack we all like from time to time. And whenever you’re eating a snack or food, you can almost assure that your pup will be there, wondering if they can have some too. However, you might be not sure if popcorn is appropriate for dogs, and whether it could make them sick or have any other unfavorable outcome. It might be difficult to oppose those puppy-dog eyes, but it’s ever best to check before you give your dog anything new.

Popcorn and your dog’s health

Keeping your pup fit and healthy is necessary if you want them to be happy, and their diet consist big part of their health. You might supervise their food cautiously, but if you spoil it with snacks, all your efforts could be for nothing. The question of whether popcorn is a good snack for your dog does not exactly have a clear or definite answer. In fact, the answer is: it depends. There are a several different factors that can determine how healthy popcorn is for your dog, including how it’s prepared and given.

At its core, popcorn can be a very healthy snack for human beings and pups alike. When it’s air-popped and eaten plain, without butter, salt or sugar, it’s healthy, nutritional and includes plenty of fiber that is good for the intestinal system. It also contains iron and protein, as well as B vitamins. As these things are not going to give your dog’s health a huge boost, but they will not damage your dog either.

Keeping it healthy

If you want to share popcorn, stick with air-popped popcorn only. Air-popped popcorn is okay if you want to give them light snacks, but it’s very easy to turn popcorn into anything that’s unexpectedly unfit for your dog. Adding seasonings, sugar, butter, or another unhealthy topping can be really bad for your dog and it must be avoided.

Possible side effects and hazards

If you do give your pup popcorn with unsuitable and unhealthy additives or toppings, it could have few side effects for your poor dog.

Below are the things that could be caused by immoderate butter and salt or unhealthy cooking preservatives include:

  • Digestive issues that can result into diarrhea
  • Dehydration from excessive salt
  • Possible kidney damage due to excessive salt is eaten regularly
  • Obesity from high-fat popcorn if eaten for longer period

Popcorn pieces could possibly do physical harm to your pouch too. The core can hurt their teeth and gums (who hasn’t had popcorn stuck in their teeth?), and they could lead to choking danger for your dog.